Lets hit target ..

My favourite chinese fakeaway!!
My favourite chinese fakeaway!!

Well i am writing this ”blog” on the 20/08/15, but its yet to be published on the 07/09/15. Reasons being i have a holiday coming up, and i am not 100% focusing myself into this blog and slimming world as of yet, but hopefully me joining again on the 7th sept will be my final last time ready to hit my target, I am 20 years old, i have done slimming world a fair few times but never focusing myself into it .. I am in a healthy happy relationship and have been for a long time, i eat out a lot, i visit different places a lot meaning i am always eating rubbish food, the first time i joined slimming world i put my all into it at my heaviest weight i lost a stone and a half, but put it back on with a few more extra pounds, i joined again half heartedly and i tend to loose a couple of pounds gain them and so on .. i have a habit of having a good week and a bad week. But this time i want things to be different. 2016 is a massive year for me, i have my 21st birthday, my mum & dad who have been together 29 years are getting married, i also have my mums 50th birthday and my sisters 30th birthday, so i want to look and feel fabulous whilst celebrating these milestones with my family. I am a massive foodie and i LOVE cooking all different kinds of meals, this is the purpose of my blog so i can share some amazing recipes and hopefully gain some tips/recipes from fellow slimming worlders!!

Lets hit target ..

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